Bread, potatoes and cheese

The first few things I learnt about Germany was that they like beer and that they like sausages; I'm not keen on beer and I'm a vegetarian so it's really a wonder why Germany peaked my interest in the first place. Anyway, I quickly learned that there's more to Germany than just beer and sausages … Continue reading Bread, potatoes and cheese


winter wandering

So, the last time I posted anything was December (or maybe November?), and that was a bit of a bummer. I talked about my accident and the week that followed my accident, and it was just a bit sad. I'm happy to report, things are different !!! I'm still having shit days and I'm having … Continue reading winter wandering

My second time in France ever; Strasbourg 13 – 15.10.18

The last place I visited in my 2 week holiday was Strasbourg. It's only 2 hours away on the flixbus and because I was visiting my friend I had free accommodation! I've only been to France once before and that was five years ago, so I had no preconceived notions about French culture except for … Continue reading My second time in France ever; Strasbourg 13 – 15.10.18

Dirndls and Brezels; Oktoberfest 28 – 30.09.18

If there's one thing that Germany is known for, it's for its beer. Everyone who has heard of Germany has heard of Oktoberfest, the celebration that started in 1810 Bavaria to celebrate Prince Ludwig's marriage to Princess Therese of Saxony and became an annual celebration (found this out on google lol : . There's lot's … Continue reading Dirndls and Brezels; Oktoberfest 28 – 30.09.18